Donation FAQs

Donation FAQs:

I already pay dues to the Club. Why should I donate?
Your dues go toward the daily operation of the boathouse including utilities, upkeep of the building, mortgage, equipment repair, building of oar racks, boat racks, and limited purchase of new equipment, etc. However, we need additional monies to expand outreach programming, purchase new equipment and to expand our internal programming.

Who will decide how to use this money and what will that be based upon?
Donors may designate which of the following areas each wants his donation to be used: Equipment, Endowment or Unassigned. The elected Board of Directors will decide what the greatest needs are based upon need.

How does my donation support the mission of ARC?
Your donation supports outreach programs, equipment purchases and other programs that enhance the sport of rowing for everyone in our community.

Can I make ARC beneficiary of my will, 401K, or insurance policy?
Yes, just name ARC in the beneficiary line of your policy

If ARC is non-profit, can I deduct my contribution?
Absolutely, and we will provide you the paperwork you will need to satisfy the IRS as soon as we receive your payment.