COVID 19 Information

Guidelines for club usage:

All club members and guests are required to wear face coverings when at the boathouse and on the dock. Members are asked to bring their own face covering. Members with a medical or other condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering may wear a non-restrictive alternative such as a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge.

We understand that people have differing views on wearing face coverings. However, we are required to comply with the City of Austin’s public health order.  Please help us do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a face covering at the club.

  • Face coverings can be removed when on the water but must be put back on when returning to the dock.
  • Members are also required to exercise social distancing where possible, both around the boathouse and on the docks.
  • No more than 2 members at a time may enter the boathouse to obtain oars and boats. Staff are available to help with boats
  • Members are required to wash all equipment used during their outing, which includes boat, riggers, seat and oars.
  • Staff will be on hand to help you return your boat to the boathouse


Youth Rowing During COVID-19

At the Austin Rowing Club we are committed to continuing strength building and enhancing our technique in the sport of rowing during the pandemic. Our youth programming has changed slightly to accommodate more safety measures and provide each athlete with more attentive and helpful coaching. In addition to the above, the youth program:


  • Will be divided into small groups for proper social distancing
  • Is going to have various online components as well as socially distanced, in person aspects
  • Will allow for flexible schedules and more individualistic coaching
  • Will have specific training goals that work towards races in the spring and beyond
  • Will have different participation options for each family’s needs
  • Will enforce mask wearing (per City guidelines) while at practice