Introduction to Rowing (ITR) Registration for 2017

Specifically geared for those with no prior rowing experience, this course meets twice weekly for two weeks. During the Learn to Row Course (LTR) you will learn sweep rowing.

Sweep Rowing
Sweep rowing involves the classic long boats with eight rowers and a helmsman, known as the coxswain, calling out commands and steering. Each rower has one long oar, held with both hands.

Sweep rowing emphasizes the teamwork and speed that has become synonymous with rowing- sweep rowing if a fun way to experience the lake and build relationships with fellow crew members.

About the Course
Rowing Experience Required: None!
Fitness Level Required: Moderate (up to Elite for those looking to try new ways to crosstrain)
Number of Sessions: 6 (twice a week, 2 weeks)
Session Length: 2 hours

All students receive an ARC T-shirt and a student manual. Course topics include safety, equipment handling, terminology, and of course, lots of rowing technique. Students learn to row in our modern fleet of boats. All equipment is provided. Our professional coaching staff teaches the ITR course with help from ARC member volunteers. The teaching doesn’t end when you leave the dock. Our instructors are with you, on the water, every step of the way.  After completing the ITR course, you will be invited to become an ARC member.

Students should wear comfortable but tight fitting clothing, such as cycling shorts or long leggings. The boats have built-in shoes, so you can wear sandals, tennis shoes or any other footwear to the class, but bring socks. Bring some extra clothing, especially socks. Loose fitting clothing is not recommended because it may become tangled in the rowing equipment. In hot weather, use sunscreen, hats or visors. Always bring water in non-breakable bottles to drink during hot weather workouts.  In cool weather, wear ­layers of close-fitting garments.  Austin Rowing Club has complete locker room facilities with showers so you can change before or after class if necessary.

The ITR course fee is $199 for the month.
Fees are non-refundable.

Attendance, Cancellation and Refunds
Attendance at all sessions is very important. Please contact us if your schedule changes, it may be possible to apply your fee to another class, depending on availability.  However, Austin Rowing Club does NOT provide refunds for any reason.

Classes always meet at the scheduled time! In case of inclement weather, a video presentation or land workout will replace the rowing. We will row in light rain, provided other conditions are favorable.