Trophy Point standings for Masters events

Points are computed using the formula given here .

3:31 PM Saturday, April 25, 2015

Total PointsPoints per Entry
Texas Rowing Center470.75White Rock Boathouse, Inc.8.00
Austin Rowing Club335.00Dallas Rowing Club7.54
Dallas Rowing Club98.00Texas Rowing Center6.92
White Rock Boathouse, Inc.72.00Austin Rowing Club6.44
Fort Worth Rowing Club66.50Fort Worth Rowing Club5.54
OKC Riversport44.50Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston4.84
Bay Area Rowing Club of Houston38.75OKC Riversport4.45
Greater Houston RC31.75Rowing Club of the Woodlands4.20
Texas Christian University Crew21.50Texas Christian University Crew3.58
Rowing Club of the Woodlands21.00Greater Houston RC3.18
Saint Edwards University RC6.00Saint Edwards University RC3.00
Cambridge Crew0.00Cambridge Crew0.00
Club Espana AC0.00Club Espana AC0.00
Dallas United Crew, Inc.0.00Dallas United Crew, Inc.0.00
Episcopal School of Dallas0.00Episcopal School of Dallas0.00
Founders Rowing Club0.00Founders Rowing Club0.00
Parati Competitive Rowing0.00Parati Competitive Rowing0.00
St. Mark's School of Texas0.00St. Mark's School of Texas0.00
Texas Rowing for All0.00Texas Rowing for All0.00
The Hockaday School0.00The Hockaday School0.00
0.00Ursuline Academy of Dallas0.00
Ursuline Academy of Dallas0.00 .00