Notes on the race schedules

  1. In the initial schedule (before registration closes), only the order of events, and the day on which each event occurs, are fixed. Entrants are cautioned to avoid entering any athlete or equipment in events whose event numbers differ by less than 3 (the “Rule of Three”).
  2. As soon as possible after registration closes, heats are created as necessary to accommodate the number of entries in each event. Entries are assigned to heats, and breaks are inserted between races, to ensure that all athletes abiding by the Rule of Three will have at least 21 minutes between starts. Now the time(s) at which each entry will race is (are) fixed, and the schedule should now be considered FINAL.
  3. The only changes allowed after the schedule becomes final are scratches and late entries. Such changes may affect the number of empty lanes in a race, but have no effect on any race's starting time.

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