campaign FAQS

Capital Campaign FAQs

Why should I have to pay more money when I already pay dues?
Your dues go toward the daily operation of the boathouse including utilities, upkeep of the building, mortgage, equipment repair, building of oar racks, boat racks, and limited purchase of new equipment, etc. However, the monthly dues we charge simply don’t cover the growing expenses related to coaching, programming, equipment and outreach.

What is our annual operating budget, what do we spend money on and how much of our expenses are covered by dues?
The budget changes each year and is approved by the membership at the Fall Membership Meeting. There are programs, such as ITR which generate a substantial amount to the budget income, the rest is from dues.

Who will decide how to use this money and what will that be based upon?
Donors may designate which of the following areas each wants his donation to be used: Equipment, Endowment or Unassigned. The elected Board of Directors will decide what the greatest needs are based upon need.

What is the ARC’s long-term strategic plan and how will the Capital Campaign support that?
Other than fulfilling its mission of promoting and supporting an interest in rowing, be it recreational or competitive and other forms of athletics that are supplementary to this sport; the Capital Campaign will provide the financial backing required to set into motion our future strategic plans.

Can I make ARC beneficiary of my will, 401K, or insurance policy?
Yes, just name ARC in the beneficiary line of your policy.

How can I be sure the money will be directed the way I have indicated?
ARC has a legal and fiduciary obligation by law to direct your donation the way you have designated.

Why doesn’t ARC just ask Foundations and Corporations for donations?
There are plans to approach targeted organizations, however, most Corporations and Foundations are more interested in donating to underprivileged people (especially children) and/or medical research. ARC is currently exploring providing rowing experiences to the underprivileged community.

Whom are you asking to donate?
We are asking members, alumni, friends of rowing, parents of scholastic rowers, and ARC venders. Additionally, we will be soliciting businesses, governments, foundations and other targeted entities.

How much are you asking us to pledge?
The amount of your pledge is up to you. We suggest you balance the pleasure you receive from being a member with your financial ability to donate.

I already contribute a lot of volunteer hours to ARC; I don’t feel I should have to donate money as well?
That, of course, is your decision, but volunteer hours will not buy equipment, make rowing on our river safer, more convenient, or provide a financial cushion in case of unexpected need.

When do I need to do this?
You can pledge now and tell us when and how you would like to actually make the donation. You can use check, PayPal, or credit card, and schedule your payments by the quarter between now and the end of 2015.

If ARC is non-profit, can I deduct my contribution?
Absolutely, and we will provide you the paperwork you will need to satisfy the IRS as soon as we receive your payment.

Is donating some amount of money mandatory for all members?
No, the decision to help preserve ARC viability into the future through pledging financial support is completely voluntary.

Will my donation benefit the community in any way?
Yes, as we grow as a club our outreach programs also grow. Your donation benefits not only yourself as a member but also those outreach participants as we all use the same equipment, boathouse and facilities.

Why should I give to ARC when I don’t always agree with how things are done?
The best thing to do in this case is contact your Board Members to express your displeasure. We’re hear to listen to your concerns.